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This afternoon I decided to go over to Veggie Grill, since the weather is very nice and sunny. I have tried their chkn' meals before, but I decided to try something different.

Here's a few things I really love about Veggie Grill:

1) Everything's vegan!
2) The tofu and tempeh are organic and non-GMO!
3) They are so many options from buffalo wings, veggie cheeseburger, 'crab' cake sandwich, and mac-n-cheese (vegan too!)

Here's the review you've been waiting for!

TASTE - It tastes just like a grilled cheeseburger. I was seriously impressed. I even pulled apart a piece of the burger patty so I can taste it without all the toppings and cheese...the burger was just as amazing by itself.
TEXTURE - Oh, it's juicy! I am not sure how they make these burgers, but texture is absolutely perfect. Everything about this burger screams "I am real!" but it's totally vegan (and animal friendly!)
PRICE - At only $9.95 with your choice of a side of fries or a soup, this price is truly perfect! Sometimes vegan foods can be very pricey, but this burger is priced reasonably.
HEALTH - 510 calories | 20 grams of fat | 52 grams of carbs | 30 grams of protein
This is directly from Veggie Grill's website. I am unsure if this includes the cheese and toppings, but here you go! The burger seems a little heavy as far as calories, but with 30 grams of protein, this is pretty worth it. You guys know I'm all about that protein! ;)
CONCLUDING OPINION - This is by far one of the the best VEGAN burger I have ever tried in my life. It was so good, I ran home Googling a recipe close to this burger. I am very impressed that they were able to create a tasty burger that's not only vegetarian, but vegan! I'll definitely be stopping by Veggie Grill again.
IT IS. I'm surprised I didn't write about Veggie Grill when I was vegan community mod. That's one of my favorite spots!
@danidee YESSSSSS I've had the Santa Fe Chicken! That one is freaking amazing.
VEGGIE GRILL IS AMAZING. It's easily my favorite vegan restaurant. Veggie Grill or Native Foods. Next time you go, you have to get the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich with some sweet potato fries and extra chipotle mayo on the side. That's my go-to! <3
@alywoah Oh, I hope so!
@YumiMiyazaki you definitely should! It seems like they're only in specific states. Hopefully there are some in your state :)
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