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In a series first, Star Fox is heading towards the... Okay, you know how people say "silver screen" when they talk about pieces of fiction turning into a movie? What color, or more specifically, what kind of screen is it when a video game becomes an animated feature? Or an anime? Let me know in the comments (I'm looking at you anime moderator-ator, @InVinsybll).
Anyway, I'm really excited for this because of Slippy Toad. You know, the kind of inept fighter pilot who somehow has a position on Star Fox's team. Like look at that above screen shot. Falco and Fox look pretty intense, Peppy looks kind of like he's sleeping because if I remember correctly he's old as fuck. But Slippy, oh, Slippy.

Slippy looks like he's about to poop his pants.

And even in the extremely short teaser trailer, there's a quick shot of Slippy hiding behind a magazine. SLIPPY, DON'T YOU KNOW YOU FLY A GODDAMN SPACE SHIP AND SHOOT OTHER SPACESHIPS AND SOMEHOW YOU'RE STILL ALIVE?
Why are you hiding behind bound-together pieces of glossy paper? You silly, cold-blooded fool. He even looks like he's running from his shadow. And you know, there's something really accessible about an anxious frog.
I mean, he's a reminder that there's a place for everyone. Even if you're a giant loser and eat flies because you like eating flies, you'll still get to hang out with an old guy and two really cool guys.
Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins will be livestreamed this Wednesday, April 20th, at 3PM PST @!
Aww, man! And I JUST got my youngest to stop tumbling around, saying "BARREL ROLL, BARREL ROLL, DO A BARREL ROLL..."
"Check your G-Diffuser systems!"
This is seriously the most amazing thing ever...
LOVE this, though!