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WARNING BoyxBoy ReaderXIdol Semi Smut Cursing Rated M Deep emotion semi violence Comedy Enter at your own pleasure (^...^) DETAIL Imagine a story of Bobby and BI and your involved! its now senior year and bobby isn't the same as before And what worst the guy B.I who ruin your middle school years is back!? what happens when your best friends is keeping secrets? MY PHOTO EDITING I will be having different cover photo. part 7 --- part 5
You had finally reached bobby house. When you walked up to the front door you noticed that the door was not lock so you let yourself in. Nobody seems to be home. You went up stair to check if bobby was in his room when you peak throw the slightly open door you saw something you never expected. You gasped! You covered your mouth preventing any noise to escape. When you looked again you locked eye contact with B.I you quickly moved away
'did he see me?'
you thought to yourself. You hear bobbys and B.I voice She saw us! you jolted, You quickly head to the staircase and ran down them as fast as possible, trying not to trip and stumble either but before you could exit the front door Bobby call out your name. The sound of his voice seem, as he was nearly close to tear. When you turn around to look at him, you found him still standing at the top of the stair looking at you with so much despair. "Please dont hate me..."His voice nearly cracked "H-hate you? What?" you said a bit confused, Your heartache as you repeated those words in your head "Don't tell anyone please (Y/N) please Im begging you" Bobby pleaded, making his way down the staircase and closer to you. You did not understand what exactly was going on as you were still in shook of what you had just seen. bobby grab a hold of your hand but you smack his hands away, the look on bobby face was full of pain, you didnt mean to smack his hands away it was out of reflex , you didnt mean to... or did you. "Do you find me disgusting (Y/N)..." bobby ask you his voice slightly low as he look into your eyes, you could see his eyes getting watery.
No, I do not bobby I couldnt, I wouldnt you are my best friends...
You thought yourself and no matter how much you wanted to say those words you just couldnt seem to get them out. You look away from bobby and glance over to B.I who looks emotionless and empty as he glared at you.
Of all people, Bobby had to be with you ugh.
You said in your mind as you glare back at B.I. you look back at bobby who had tears falling down his cheeks You could feel your heart break, but you didnt comfort him you only looked away turn your back on him as you let yourself out the front door. Tears streaming down your cheeks as bobby voice echoed inside your head. Over and over those words repeated
Dont hate me... Please (Y/N) Im begging you.... You find me disgusting dont you...? Please...Dont Hate...Me...
Bobby Im so sorry, you cried as you walk home. You turn to look behind you and you notice something running from afar. It was bobby; he was rushing over to you. You stood there waiting for him. "(Y/N) please let me explain" Bobby begged you. "There isnt anything to explain Bobby, you said as you looked away from him "(Y/N) Please listen…" You cut him off. "You know what hurt me bobby was the fact that you thought you had to hide it from Me." you explained. Bobby stared at you with water-filled eyes. "I'm sorry it just I thought youd hate me-" "If I found out your dating B.I" you cut him off again. "That you're gay! why would I hate you! Bobby!" you slur your voices shaking. Bobby tried to hold back his tears but failed as tear began to fall. "THAT FACT YOU CAN'T TRUST ME ENOUGH TO CONFINE IN ME HURTS!" you yelled as tears began to fall. Bobby reaches over to wipe them but you smack his hand away. "I was afraid." Bobby cried You huffed and raked your hair back. "Afraid of what?" you asked. "Of everything of not being accepted, of losing you" Bobby voice shuddered. Your eyes wide, filled with frustration, you cringes your teeth. "Was it also because of him," you said. Bobby looked away from the corner of his eyes. He gulped. "Why didnt you tell me you came back?" Bobby grab your shoulder gently, you shrugged them off. "(Y/N) it wasnt supposed to be like this" bobby avoids the question. "WHY DIDNT YOU FUCKING TELL ME YOU CAME BACK?" you shouted angrily "BECAUSE!" bobby paused. "Because of what?" "Because I was with him!" bobby blurted "How long?" you asked looking down at the ground. "What?" bobby asked "HOW LONG WERE YOU DATING HIM?" you cried out. Bobby stood still, struggling to answer your question. You huffed as bobby shrugged his shoulders. "Dont ever talk to me again." your eyes filled with hatred and your voice shudder coldly. You turned your back on bobby and walked away. Bobby watched you get farther away until you disappeared from his sight. Bobby walked back home kicking a pebble and staring at the ground. Suddenly his knees became weak as his drop to the ground, tearing falling out one by one uncontrollable. He didnt know what to do, he wanted the pain to stop he didnt want to lose his best friend but he didnt want to leave B.I either. He knows you would have accepted him but he was afraid. Bobby wrap his arm around himself as he grip on tightly to his shoulders grasping for air after every hitch. Meanwhile B.I was walking home when he found Bobby on ground breaking down, he rushed over to bobby and tried to stand him up but bobby shoved him way. "Bobby…" B.I voice was low. "WHY?" Bobby cried "Why what?" B.I asked, "WHY DID YOU HAVE ENTERED MY LIFE!" B.I chest tighten as Bobby shouted those words. "WHY DID I FALL FOR YOU?" Bobby cried out angrily yet desperately "WHY AM I SO IN LOVE WITH YOU!? Why do I feel like I need you so much" Bobby voice cracked as he gasped for air. B.I eyes tear up, he didn't know what to say or do he wasn't sure what was going on with Bobby and as to why he was crying so hard. All B.I wanted to do right now was to hold him in his arm and comfort Bobby, he hated seeing Bobby cry like that he couldn't stand it. B.I crouched down in front of bobby and pulled him into his arm. Bobby tried to push away. "Stop it please! I don't want to fall in love with you more!" Bobby cried B.I held back his tears and held him tighter. The sun was starting to set B.I had token Bobby to the park to walk around as he cried. He remembers Bobby telling him how his favorite place was the park how his family use to always go there when bobby was young. Bobby had finally stop cried he opened up to B.I about everything about (Y/N) and how they met, Bobby told him about the time (Y/N) cried because B.I called her ugly and how whenever boys mess with him because he only hanged with girl, (Y/N) always defend him. (Y/N) was the only one who comfort him when his dog died and didn't call him an idiot for crying over it. (Y/N) was his only friend and the only one who truly understood him, he know he should have told her but he didn't want to do it if B.I wasn't comfortable about it yet. All he wanted now was to go back and make it different, to tell (Y/N) everything. Finally, B.I walked bobby home, bobby eyes were puffy and red. "Thanks for listening to me rant on about stupid stuff" bobby said his voice somewhat scratchy B.I smiled and ruffled Bobby hair. "it wasn't stupid" Bobby smiled shyly, B.I lift Bobby chin up and gave him a peak on the cheek then on the lips. Bobby took a deep sharp breath, B.I smirks from his reaction "Okay Im going home good night" B.I waved goodbye was he walked home. On the way home B.I grip on to his shirt, his heart was pounding, he was so scared that Bobby was about to leave him. Maybe he will if he find out about what he did to (Y/N) and how he plans to ruin her life. B.I shook his head he doesn't care the whole point is to take bobby from her to hurt her and after that he won't need bobby anymore… right... Yeah that the plan… but then why does B.I heart ached as he thought about hurting Bobby? why does he hate seeing Bobby cry? "No I'm not falling for him I won't" B.I said as he ruffled his hair. Suddenly just as B.I was about to unlock his front door he hears his phone ring, B.I answer it without looking at the caller ID. "Hello.." "B.I my little hanbin!" B.I brow arched, he pull away from the phone to check the caller ID. It was only Unknown number but he knew this voice anywhere. "Jinhwan? Uh..." B.I asked a bit confused; he wasnt sure, when Jinhwan had gotten his phone number and as to why he had it. "That me, wassup" Jinhwan hiccupped from the other side of the phone. "Dude is you drunk?" B.I asked a bit worried for him since he knows Jinhwan can't really hold down his alcohol. "Yup… I'm hunk rite now. Hanbinie, I is sad" Jinhwan hiccupped again "Why are you sad Jinhwan?" "brecuz Junhoe…*hic*… uh he no accept ma feebing…" Jinhwan pouted. "Ham-ban ish I no pwetty? I sho woof be a gurf that way he woof wouve me. I want to die now Ham-Bean," Jinhwan said stupidly. "Where are you Jinhwan? Im going to go pick you up" B.I worried as he started walking. "I dunno hehe I lost" Jinhwan said his tone of voice sound like if he was talking to a baby. "Whats around you?" B.I asked "Stuff and more stuff" "Jinhwan go up to someone around you and ask them to tell me where youre at okay," B.I calmly instructed. Jinhwan did as told and as soon as B.I was told Jinhwan location he rushed right over he didnt want anything happening to him knowing how many creeps are out in the street and seeing how cute Jinhwan is and how wasted he sound anyone can take advantage of Jinhwan pretty little face. B.I found Jinhwan at a tent in chicken and beer restaurant. B.I walks over to the drunken Jinhwan who was so wasted he tilt from side to side while sitting down. "Hey Jinhwan you okay?" B.I placed his hand on Jinhwan shoulder. Jinhwan looked up his eyes half open. "Oh ma hanbinie!" Jinhwan stood up to hug B.I but flops forward, B.I caught his fall, B.I shook Jinhwan gently trying to awake him. "Jinhwan?" B.I lifted Jinhwan head up, Jinhwan grunted as B.I toss Jinhwan over his shoulder and carried him to his place since he didnt know where Jinhwan lived since he moved to Seoul. "HANBIN!" Jinhwan startled B.I "PU MEH DOWN RITE NOW" Jinhwan wiggled. B.I put him down carefully, he watched as Jinhwan tried to catch his balance, he looked like a dog in a moving van. "HEY! Eh Stahp moobin' Da four eh stupid" Jinhwan poked B.I on the chest. B.I stared blankly at him. "Get in" B.I point to the direction of his front door. "wher we at?" Jinhwan ask as he stumble his to the door. "Dis chu house?" Jinhwan hiccupped "Mhmm this is my house" "Da one chu wanted to get foh Chu eomma?" Jinhwan said as he tried to walk over to B.I who was at the kitchen. "well not exactly but it was close enough" said B.I he notice Jinhwan holding onto the walls as he head over to him, B.I waited until Jinhwan finally made it. "What are you on an ice skating ring" B.I chuckled Jinhwan nods his head "Yup mhmm…" B.I laughs harder. Couple of minute later had pass and Jinhwan and B.I were chilling in his room, Jinhwan crying over Junhoe rejecting him and how he wishes he hadn't said anything. "Why can't he just try it Chu know, like I can look like a gurf tew if he wanted." Jinhwan whines B.I just nods his head as he continued playing games on his phone. "...can I B.I?" Jinhwan ask. B.I didn't hear a single word he said but nods yes anyways, suddenly Jinhwan yanks away B.I phone and plants a kiss. B.I quickly push him off cleaning his lips "Dude No! what the fuck no" B.I hollered pointing at Jinhwan to sit by the corner away from him. "You kiss Bobby all the time!" Jinhwan pouted. "yeah but he my boyfriend" B.I smile while saying that, his smile quickly disappear "I asked you if could and you said yes." Jinhwan states. "Was wrong?" Jinhwan asked, sitting down next to B.I "I think Bobby wants to break up" Jinhwan gasped "that bish, wait why?" he looked confused. B.I chuckled sadly "because his best friend found out about us and now she not talking to him" "Will if she was really was his best friend she would accept him anyways." Jinhwan advice B.I looked at the drunken Jinhwan who tilt from side to side. "I'm telling you this because you're drunk okay" Jinhwan nods, B.I explain to him about what happen with his father and how its (Y/N) father too. He told him about how he ruined her middle school year and how he wants to take away the one person dearest to him. B.I told Jinhwan how he only wanted to date Bobby because he wanted (Y/N) to lose him too, but after seeing Bobby cry he realize he wasn't just hurting (Y/N) but bobby too "So your catching feels for him?" Jinhwan said already a bit sober. B.I looks at the ground, he tried to deny his feeling but he couldn't and no matter how much he didn't want to fall for Bobby he just couldn't stop thinking about him every day. "I guess" B.I sighs Jinhwan lay down on B.I bed and get comfortable. "you know its not the child fault" jinhwan yawns B.I looked confuse at Jinhwan. "Whatever the parents did has nothing to do with the child, they had no say in it and if you truly want Bobby happy you'd put the past behind you and grow up." "What are you saying Jinhwan?" B.I arched his eyebrow. "Befriend her, treat her better for Bobby sake. If you truly love him you do it" Jinhwan yawns again, closing his eyes. B.I stops and thought for a moment, maybe just for bobby sake. No but what his father did… really has nothing to do with her…B.I ruffled his hair in frustration. "Fine I'll do it" B.I looks at Jinhwan who has fallen fast asleep already. "For bobby sake Ill treat you better (Y/N), I'll do anything to make sure he's happy."
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well damn
WTF BI was just playing with Bobby to get back at the girl. I'm glad he finally came to his since and realized that he really does like Bobby. I don't know what to do about this girl either I thought all was gonna be fine between her and Bobby but nope. I can't wait for the next part.
@luna1171 Thanks lol
Bobby.. has a dilemma but he's more cleared now..and you're the best..that drunk part had me rolling ahahhaha.
@UnnieCakesAli I had to add comedy xD
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