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KNK’s Debut Interview

Everyone has one’s start. Even the time passes by, it’s important to remember the precious moment when one achieved what he or she wanted. It’s not easy to begin with that feeling, but KNK, a male idol group that made debut in 2016, is different. Each member was a trainee from different agencies and frustrated with debut. So they know the precious moment more than any other. They know well that each moment is precious, so they don’t waste their time. They started with ambition with that in mind. Now it’s time to fly.

Q. You finally made debut. You might be so happy that you achieved your dream.

>Seungjun: I’m very excited. The one week after the debut went so fast. It’s like doing what I want to do step by step. >Heejun: It was more difficult that I thought. Starting from looking for camera, getting familiar with different atmospheres of each program, I want to get familiar little by little.

Q. What was something difficult that was unexpected?

>Seungjun: Behind video? It’s filming the back stage and it was very difficult. (Laughter) It was easy being filmed, but it was difficult to get in the frame of the writer. >Youjin: Interview (Laughter). The interview time with the MC was very short, so it was difficult.

Q. Let’s talk about before the debut. How did you become singers?

>Heejun: I played soccer since I was elementary school student and until I was middle school grade 3 student. After I got injured when I was middle school grade 3 student, I quit playing and being cast by FNC Entertainment and worked as a trainee for about 4 years. I was in charge of instrument and vocalist, but my team’s debut was frustrated and I started again in the new agency

KNK's Youjin

Q. Did you want to be a singer when you were playing soccer?

>Heejun: I didn’t think like that. I got interested when I was doing training, and I got to have that dream since then.

Q. How about other members?

>Inseong: I also played sports. I was a swimmer since I was an elementary school student until I was middle school grade 3 student for 8 years. I quit after I became sick and concentrated on studying since then. I sang a song during the field trip when I was middle school grade 3 student, and the responses were good. I liked stage since then. (Laughter) I told my mom that I wanted to go to an art high school and I got the admission. While I was going for music academy, I was cast on the street. For about 2 years, I was a trainee in Big Hit Entertainment. Then I went to FNC. I met Seungjun in Big Hit and Heejun in FNC.

KNK's Heejun

Q. Seungjun was a trainee in Big Hit then?

>Seungjun: I wanted to be a Korean teacher. I thought that a teacher’s desk was cool. (Laughter) When I was a high school grade 3 student, my friend went for SM’s audition and I also went for it. SM said that they will send me to JYP Entertainment. While I was going for JYP audition, I was cast by Big Hit on the street. I made contract right away and worked as a trainee for about 2 years. Then I went to JYP.

Q. Your destiny was changed because of your friend.

>Seungjun: I wasnt’s interested in singing at all, so it’s amazing to think of it now. I liked listening to music very much so I sang what I liked during the audition.

Q. Your story was interesting. What about other members?

>Jihun: I wanted to be a Taekwondo player. I played it since I was 8 years old until I was 15. After I quit it, I liked to listen to music and watch the singers’ performances. One day, I watched SHINee’s ‘Replay,’ and it was really cool. I got to have the dream since then, and I passed the audition of SM academy. My mother was strongly against it, but she actively monitors me the most.

Q. How about you?

>Youjin: When I was an elementary school grade 6 student, I listened to ‘Snow Flower.’ That’s when I first listened to K-Pop music. Since then I got interested in music and it was fun when I danced during the festival held when I was a middle school grade 3 student. I enjoyed not only the performance, but also the process I was preparing. When I was a high school student, I did part time job and went to academy to learn what I want. I got advice from the academy teacher and luckily entered TS Entertainment’s debut team. After that, I prepared to get into a university, but a staff suggested that I go for an audition so I started again.

KNK's Inseong

Q. You were all trainees in competitive agencies and your friends already made debut.

>Inseong: I almost made debut and was frustrated. So I want debut more than any other group.

Q. You might envy others.

>Seungjun: It would be a lie if I don’t envy. But it’s so nice that they made debut. We are close friends since we were young. When they release new albums, I buy them. When I was a trainee, I was anxious about making debut. >Inseong: So I practiced a lot. When I envied them, I practiced harder. I sang and danced so that I couldn’t think of others. >Youjin: I was very ignorant. I didn’t think of that. I just watched their first debut performance and showcase.

Q. You all practiced in other agencies and settled in YNB. It might have taken some time to get familiar with it.

>Seungjun: It was like freely practicing and getting together again. I got used to it in a week.

Q. You are old friends, so you might know everything about each other. What do you usually talk about these days?

>Inseong: We monitor the debut performance and talk about some points that we should improve on. >Seungjun: We don’t talk about serious things. (Laughter) We are all close so we already know.

KNK's Jihun

Q. It’s already known what you have done before the debut, so there’s high anticipation.

>Heejun: I think we are improving 10 times more than when we were trainees. I want to reward the anticipation from now. >Seungjun: We do monitoring more. There are many rookies, so we watch their performances too. We have some burden, but we will do our best.

Q. You participated in the debut album.

>Seungjun: Youjin made rap, composed and wrote the lyrics. We will do good if we learn about it. >Jihun: I hope we would have our own album in the future. >Youjin: I write what I think of on the phone memo. I think of a story and organize it. I directly write lyrics but I try to use comparative skills.

Q. You might want to do a lot of things regarding music.

>Youjin: I already wanted it. During the showcase performance, I did rap making. I want to continuously participate in the producing.

Q. What do you learn these days?

>Heejun: When I was preparing for the band, I played electronic guitar. Now I’m playing acoustic guitar and I learned on my own. I had difficulties, but I like playing the guitar and singing. I think that’s my uniqueness. I’m improving on it. >Inseong: Idol is also a singer, so I think I should be good at singing. I want to improve my singing. My goal is to have a strong vocal. >Jihun: I think vocal is the fundamental thing. There’s a stereotype that tall people are not good at dancing, but I want to break that stereotype. I want to show people that tall people can dance, and I want to be the first one. >Seungjun: I want to improve my vocal and learn instrument if I have opportunity.

KNK's Seungjun

Q. What’s unique about KNK?

>Seungjun: Our strong point is masculinity and charisma. At first, I thought it might be kind of dark compared to other groups, but we think it’s our charm. >Inseong: I’m working on music and sentiments. I want to move people’s hearts with sincerity. >Heejun: Depth is our strong point.

Q. What would be KNK like in the future?

>Inseong: GOD is our role model. We want to go long. We want to be loved by all people. >Jihun: I want to be a singer who do public music that everyone loves. >Seungjun: I want to show our friendliness. I hope there would be many opportunities.

Q. What’s your detailed goals?

>Youjin: I want to be a radio DJ for the night program. If I have opportunity, I want to be the radio DJ who is loved by many audiences. >Seungjun: I want to rank the first place. I also want to get the rookie award. I also want to be music program’s MC! >All KNK Members: We want to hold concerts in Gymnastics Stadium 2 or 3 years later. I hope we do Dome Tour 3 years and 8 months later. (Laughter)
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