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I've probably written about this song before but I had to do it again because this weekend instead of laying in bed and just wishing for something cool to happen to me, I went out for a lot of walks around town. I got coffee, I smoked cigarettes, I chewed gum, I listened to music. It was better than sitting indoors all day, to be honest.
And during one of those walks -- which happened to take place in middle of the night -- I saw a girl working late in some office that had floor-to-ceiling windows. When I peered in from across the street where I was smoking stoically, I thought it was one of my ex-girlfriends. So I just stood there and thought about our relationship. I thought about how I was the one who ended it.
Then a song by a band we both loved came on shuffle. And it felt like the universe was trying to give me some terrible/magical moment. It was horrible and beautiful at the same time. And that song was Let's Play Guitar in a Five Guitar Band by Minus the Bear. Usually, I don't care for Minus the Bear's lyrics. But in this case, it hit a very particular chord with me (which you'll understand when you read the lyrics below). Instead of being a creep and continuing to stare at this woman who resembled someone I once knew, I lit another cigarette and left the scene. I turned up the volume and walked back home slowly.

Notable Lyrics:

That was the last time I ever saw her, through a shop window, sleeves to her elbows. I walked past and kept on walking. And lit a smoke with my hands shaking. She was something else. A few summers ago, we spent weeks in her room just having sex and listening to jazz. And that was the life. But I didn't know at the time. Blinds drawn at twelve noon with daylight pouring through, projecting lines on her body.

Move on, move on, move on, smoke your smoke and move on. I should go back to see if she's still there standing like a statue.