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The tit windows strike again.

There's lots to be excited about since Marvel has announced a new Cloak and Dagger tv series. But as Kate Beaton over at Hark A Vagrant pointed out, Dagger's costume is a "big old slice of tit window pie". Which might not have been the best choice when it comes to fighting crime...

It's like a weird 'free the nipple' ad.

Except not really. The only statement being made is that sex appeal is more important than practicality. And while it does seem a little weird to be complaining about unreasonable armor and body types in a comic with superheroes and magic- look, there's suspension of disbelief.

... and then there's alienating.

And while I love, no *adore* the Cloak and Dagger series. Wow. Mistakes were made.

Which is an opportunity to do better I guess?

It might be time to get rid of some outdated tropes in favor of better storytelling and character development. Our special effects have improved over the years (just compare The Force Awakens to A New Hope) and it's not a big deal. Stuff gets better the more we work on it. So the silly costumes and kind of racist tropes can probably go too, yeah?

... we can dream.

... well that looks promising.
I don't know what I was expecting.
both sad and funny lol
@buddyesd lol I'm sure you'd look great in her outfit