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Okay, not really.

But it was kind of adorable anyway, right? This is from one of the videos Marvel has been releasing on Twitter for fans who pick either Team Cap or Team Iron Man. And I guess they shared this one because we weren't conflicted enough already?!?!
Yes, agreed, thank you Sebastian Stan.
.... I ship it.
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I second to the shipping
2 years ago·Reply
@selfishmachines welcome to the club!
2 years ago·Reply
the ship has sailed!!
2 years ago·Reply
Me: I ship it. JJ: *frowns* seriously tony, My dad? Krystal: *rolls eyes* oh no... Steve: Looks like someones in the dog house... @shannonl5
2 years ago·Reply
I...will forever ship Steve and Tony XD
2 years ago·Reply