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For the first time in a few days I am feeling well enough to get on here, but I won't post anything else for a few days because I still don't feel good at all. I'm getting better but I still feel super out if it and dizzy every time I stand.
I just wanted to share with you guys that the jackets finally came in and they were so excited both of them are still screaming about it and showing everyone xD.
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that's adorable!!!!!!!
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I'm glad you're feeling better. Just take it easy for couple of days. Take of yourself. ☺
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That's a very nice Jacket. I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope you feel better soon. Please take care.
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I love the jackets! just take your time feel healing!
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Ain't u d best #mothershipgoals, U inspire me,get your strength back, fighting!👍
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