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Their so cute! I really wish I was her! I know Kirito is an anime character but OMG HE'S AWESOME AND CUTE!
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demon didn't give away much either, stuff you'd know real quick and won't be any kind of negative affect on your experience @KianaFox I promise!
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mostly we spoke about hypotheticals! stuff that doesn't happen at all.
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@SAMURXAI I love how your nickname for me is simply "demon" 馃槇
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@OtakuDemon10 lol I'm glad ;) it's my favorite part of your name and tagging all the time isn't always necessary
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@SAMURXAI haha! it's mostly a reference to Supernatural, one of my top fandoms. Also just noticed that auto correct put a grammatical error in my last comment, but I fixed it! stupid phone...
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