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It's interesting how we judge someone's time on earth. An old man dies, and we all think it's okay, he has lived a long life. But has he really? Because life is not measured in years. As we all know, time can very easily be wasted.
I think about it this way; I had not lived in high school. Sticking to the rules, going to class every morning, and spending 4 years perfectly a routine that I would never repeat again. Death at 18 would have been tragic, but not just because of my age. Then there's college, another 4 years, yet a life experienced. I spend those years toeing the line, taking risks, hanging with friends and embracing the chaos rather then watching after-school TV reruns and falling asleep early. Both 4 years, yet time spent very differently.
Then I think about Europe. 5 short weeks feeling like a life time themselves as I would wake up in one country only to fall asleep that same day in a different one. In 5 weeks I have lived a lifetime, and learnt more then I ever had in high school. It's a good thing to remember, time not only being relative, but completely unrelated when describing the mark of a life well spent. Always remember, life isn't lived in minutes; it's lived in moments, and memories, and chances you decided we're worth the risk. Don't life a life with no regrets; live a life you won't regret.