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Now...for anyone unaware, a little while back I created a card pointing out just a few of Vixx's many personality differences. (Link Here) This isn't exactly the part 2 I imagined that card having (if I even imagined a part 2 at all), however in a recent interview Vixx made a few extremely good points. While talking about there recent release of the Zelos album to a reporter, Vixx started to talk about themselves and a small bit about there home life. It fit what I was trying to say in that previous card very well so, here it goes! Vixx Personality Differences Part 2!
Somewhat long I know, however this is definitely worth the read. This conversations starts off about Vixx's decision to remain living together, even after there dorm contract ended. This is something I see happening less and less often, which makes me very sad. It's for that reason I feel that this highlight's what I was previously saying even more. It honestly isn't difficult for me to imagine the Vixx members fighting like that, because they are so starkly different! When you have people like that together fights are bound to happen, however it's wonderful how quickly they make up afterwords.
The final point for this entire thing, was basically to point out how brotherly Vixx really is. That article really did a fantastic job of showing that!!! How the Vixx members get along is really stunning, and it's wonderful to see that no matter how different they are they are all very close. They really do act like brothers!
I feel as if the idea of family within groups like this is beginning to become old school, but I don't understand why. If you're going to spend so much time with these people, wouldn't you want them to be like a 2nd family? I'm glad to see that Vixx surely is!!!!!
I know I have posted a lot recent. I'm sorry to anyone that may feel like I'm spamming but I don't mean to! Tomorrow I will post my MV/Album Review for Vixx's new album. After that, it's possible that I may give Vingle a break from my recent daily posting habit XD I'm not going anywhere! Just gone until I get more inspiration for a really good card. Starlight's Fighting! Vixx Fighting!