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Thank you @kpopandkimchi for making this fun challenge
So here it is, my favorite Kpop debuts!!!
note: I don't own any pictures or videos used. Credit to the rightful owners
Kiss & Cry: Domino Game
I love this debut! When I first heard it, I didn't think it was a debut song. I thought it was just a group making a comeback, not a debut. This song is that badass breakup song we all need in our lives. Sadly, this group disbanded later in the year of their debut (2014), but I wish the best for these girls and hope they continue with music
Twice: Ohh Ahh
I was not expecting their debut to be that good. They killed it! I love these girls so much and can't wait for their comeback. Any Jeongyeon stans out there?
SHINee: Replay
SHINee was my first Kpop group, and their debut is so cute. This song is forever on replay (Ha) in my Kpop playlist and will forever be one of my favorite songs and debuts
Purfles: 1,2,3
Again, this was another group where I was like, "This was their debut?" I love these girls so so much. I hope they make a comeback soon. Again, I've talked about these girls plently of times, but I will never stop talking about them. Sorry not sorry
Seventeen: Adore You
When I first heard of this group, I was like "No, Amber. You can't get into anymore kpop groups." But we all know how that ends. They're debut was so cute and happy.


Conan's video with J.Y.P!!!!

What are your favorite kpop group debuts????

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Those are all such awesome debuts!!! But how do you tell the difference between a debut and a comeback?