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Welcome to the Vingle Nakama @Tadokiari 馃槅
Naruto, Kuroko no Basket, both sub and dub, anime both but mostly YAOI! horror, alone, Len, and both. Welcome to Vingle! I'm sure we will get along quite swimmingly, I get along with most people that share my interest in yaoi
Naruto, Kuroki no Basket, both (depending on how I watch the anime first), anime and manga, yaoi, horror, both along and with friends, NaruHina, both, Rin, and both XD Also, welcome to Vingle!! I'm sure we can get along well ^^. Also, if you like we can chat through Kik, Snapchat, and/or Line ^^
you have anime animo!? lemme follow you *-*
Cory in the House