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Ahhhhhh just another way society likes the fuck women (excuse the pun). But let's get real right now. Women have a shit ton of options when it comes to birth control. -the pill - IUDs -the ring - injections - a patch - condoms -surgery That's a lot of choices, most of which are not only regular day to day medication, but also seems to be wildly "assumed" all women should be on. Because that's our "job".
But what alwaysssss seems to be forgotten about this is that it takes two to tango so birth control shouldn't be ONLY in the hands, and wallets, of women. As of now the most widely known birth control for men is a vasectomy which obviously isn't a day to day decision. What's less well known is that scientists are now closer then ever to creating a hormone free birth control pill that men can take as well! Also there's an injection called Vasalgel that is suppose to stop sperm from swimming and can later be flushed out with another injection.
What's ridiculous is that not only are there hardly any birth control options for men, no one is even EDUCATED on the ones that do exist! Also, most men so far (those who I have asked) wouldn't even take birth control because they don't want hormones in their bodies, but yet their girl friends are all on the pill.... Confusing. As a society that needs to bridge the huge gender gap, we need to start focusing on sex as a responsibility for BOTH genders, not just a "good time" for one.
Absolutely! Condoms are great but they're not infallible. Why wouldn't you want as many backups as possible? Hormones aren't for everyone but there's so many non-hormonal options of AFAB people! It would be great if there were more for everyone (and if they were ACCESSIBLE) so that we could all make our own choices when it comes to our reproductive health and choices!
Amen! You and @shannonl5 said it perfect ly. Hmph!
male birth control makes so much more sense. bettter to take the bullets our of a gun then put on a bullet proof vest! but this would def lead to a rise in STI's