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Even though just about EVERY GIRL out there probably already knows how to do a bun (of some sort), I had to share with you this 3-minute Last-Minute CrissCross Bun that is easy to do and appropriate for weddings, galas, proms, etc.
If you have a favorite 5-minute or less hairstyle, I would love to know more about it!
This tutorial is for hair that is medium to long in length. Sorry, not for short hair.
If you have some great ideas on getting your hair into fabulous designs that you'd like to share--please do! Vingle about it!
Let me know if it works out well for you @SarahRegulski
This is awesome! I have to try this.
super cute!!!
awe... @animaniafreak I know what yiu mean.
I love how the hair gurus always say this is an "easy" hair trick.. it translates into a full hour battle with my hair in the universe of handicapped ="= I'm still doing the last steps while swype keying in vingle lol
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