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If you've watched the 'LEMONADE Trailer' by HBO and got American Horror Story vibes from it, you're not alone.
Beyoncé is up to something. A new docu-series called 'LEMONADE' is dropping on Saturday 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT leaving hundreds of fans completely anxious until its arrival. The trailer is anything but ordinary for Beyoncé increasing the amount of mystery. Creepy imagery, irritable noises, dark symbolism, the new recipe of what could possibly be leading up to her album drop. All this trailer needs now is a plot line and it'll be perfect for American Horror Story.
A few weeks ago Queen B released her new Ivy Park activewear which became instantly more popular than rival brand Lululemon. Reports have been swirling in the media that Beyoncé has refrained from dropping her album since Adele is currently raking in success and no one wants to deal with that kind of competition. After the drop of Beyoncé's single, "Formation", fans were desperate for more. The song became largely successful, extremely controversial, and still garnered millions of views despite being unlisted on YouTube. The album could drop with the docu-series this weekend but it could also still be weeks away from debut.
Just remember, predictability was never synonymous with Beyoncé.

Everyone's like, "What did I just watch?"