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-frantic screaming and general fangirling- Guys!!!! I SAW BAP YESTERDAY AFTER WAITING FOR FOUR (?) YEARS!!!! .....I cant believe it....I was in the same room as them and it was amazing! You see....I didn't have money to buy a ticket but I ended up going to the venue, hoping to at least catch a glimpse of them. So there I am just sitting down feeling happy and content being surrounded by other Babyz (also feeling sad because I am soooo close but won't be able to see them). Around five ish....a girl starts talking to me and we talk about bap and stuff like that heh... Then she asks me if I am going to the concert I told her no because I didn't have enough money to buy a ticket.....I must point out she has only been a Baby for at least five months. So she tells me that she found a ticket for $20 and I was shocked because it was the mezzanine seats (which I think originally costed around 50) I think damn it I only have eleven dollars.... So I tell her that and she surprises me by telling me that she WILL BUY MY TICKET!!!! WHO DOES THAT? THERE IS NO ONE THAT KIND....but there she was, a gift sent from the kpop gods.....I cried told her that she didn't need to do that (because I couldn't believe it) but she tells me that its a waste to be there and being a fan for long to not be able to see them! So even though I was WAY on top it was one of the boxes on the left (for those that went) and it was amazing!!!!!! Better than I ever thought....being this my first kpop concert....ahhh....its just too much I feel like it didn't I wasn't dancing, singing or screaming along to the music! The boys were amazing and it felt like an honor to be in the same room as see them on stage performing T-T I took videos but they are really bad quality, in sound, maybe cuz the speakers were close to me (oh there was four other girls up there with me) so I didn't take a lot because I was busy enjoying myself and it felt better watching them instead of viewing them through my camera...... Note... I didn't take videos of all the stages because I was charging my phone heh
The line at around six something heh....
Sorry for my crappy video taking its my first concert okay....heh
Sorry the videos will not have the best if you want just watch it without noise heh but if its okay then just watch
Himchan solo....waves.....that's all I am going to say (sorry that they are so short) mom is a huge fan of Yongguk and so I tried to get some videos of him! Also excuse my screaming and yelling.....
The next was cool at first you could see that Moon and Zelo are dancing!
Their english is good...I was able to understand them pretty good! They were all adorable and such cuties!
Feel so good
This song was played twice and it was amazing both times! So much energy!!!
Jongup solo was amazing makes me proud....such a lovely voice!
Cuz weee areee Youngggg wild and free!!!!!
This was was such an amazing experience. An honor to be in the same room and to call myself a Baby! Another song that I wasnt able to record was the song With You....I was crying so that's why.....
They had us waiting for an hour but it was so worth it in the end!!! Seeing them across the was magical! For four years watching them through a screen and now not far away I was seeing them and they are precious. They were tired but came out to greet us and Bang was adorable bowing and clapping and waving.....I think Daehyun was also interacting waving at everyone!!! It may not have happened but I think Himchan and Bang waved in my general direction....waving to me!!! Ahh it was something......but here it is a day after with a sore throat, tired, sore body and an excited mind!!!!!
@IsoldaPazo oh thanks and you are going to have fun @ArmyofKookie yes I cried as well it was too much @MelissaGarza thanks and you never know I was just there thinking i wasnt going but yes she is an angel @christianliu yes!!! it was something out of a dream!?!
OMG that is amazing! I get to see them on Saturday and this makes me feel so excited! I'm glad you had fun!
yas I can't wait. I fly in from PR to Dallas Wednesday afternoon with my sister. Glad you had an amazing time.
I was there since 11 in the morning and I cried too!!!
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