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I found this forum,, online and it has a template to create a Bleach Character. I did not come up with template but I used it. I had a lot of fun creating my Bleach Character. Here is what I came up with. Name: Lucas Lullaby Nick Name: Señor del Reposo (Lord of Rest) Race: Natural born Arrancar Age: 200 Appearance: Male. Looks around the age of 5. Straight, shoulder length, light brown hair with dark brown eyes. Has one piece of his hollow mask left covering his nose. Clothing wears a black one piece pajama with foot covers. Rank: Hallow: Vasto Lorde, Arrancar: Unknown Traits: Lazy and sleeps a lot. Like to hang out with Starrk and looks up to him like an older brother. Also thinks of Lilynette as an annoying sister. When in battle is found often slacking off and paying no attention to the enemy. Once was attacked by a Hollow because he looked like easy prey. He was sound asleep and didn't move until the hollow touched him. When, while still asleep, grabbed the hollow by the arm at lightning fast speed and smash the hollow into the ground instantly killing it. Resurrección: Asesino Perezoso (Lazy Killer) Resurrección Appearance: He looks around the age of 21 and has the same style and color of hair of the previous form. Now he has a slender build and a short black beard. He wears black jeans and a black t-shirt which is covered by a black leather jacked. His weapon looks like a small metal rod with a button on top. Resurrección Ability: He lays on the ground and shoots a cero into the sky. The cero rains down and adsorbs into the ground doing no damage. Once and enemy steps into the range of one of the fallen cero pieces, he presses the button on his weapon causing the cero fragment to explode into a 20 foot radius cero pillar from the ground up to the the sky in an instant. If you want to have fun and create your own Bleach Character follow either my example or the template I will add at the end of this card. You could be a quinc or human or arrancar or soul reaper or vizard. Have fun! Name: Nick Name: Squad: Age: Appearance: Rank: Traits: Zanpakuto Name: Zanpakuto Appearance: Zanpakuto Ability(Try not to make it too OP): Anything else you want to add:
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