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VIXX House Party SC Results..

TB pic! Aren't the sleepy babies so cute?! Sorry I just pictured this as them after the party lol. *and I love this pic* @AimeeH made another wonderful game and gurl... WHAT the heck??! I don't know if I should laugh or cry over my results... Goodness gracious these guys got me goin' crazy I tell ya. Let's get on with it shall we?..
Ravi is hosting.. Should be fun!
VIP invite right here! I guess he really wants me at the party. ^^
Ken singing all night yes please!
Well someone's in a good mood!
well hello there... yes I'll dance with you Leo! *who in their right mind would turn him down, like seriously?*
Hyukie we've talked about this. You're too young for me I can only be your noona!
Hakyeon. What are you doing you bean? Why are you tryin to make me jealous? You've been MIA this whole time and I only danced with Leo a couple times *let's be honest I'd monopolize him as long as I could* and Hyukie is like a lil brother.
Welp that happened. Um... Yeah I got nothing to explain this one. He must've caught me off guard! *there's the excuse!*
OH GOODNESS GRACIOUS GUYS! Hyuk you need to accept that we can't be together and Ravi you shouldn't be fighting at your own party. Not to mention you brought me to the party and abandoned me... *I wonder who wins the fight.. probably Ravi...* And those were my results.. Like I said I dunno if I should laugh or cry or do both about how things went down at this house party. These VIXX boys are outta control! Loved the game @AimeeH and I enjoyed it very much! Thanks for tagging me!! (I forgot to post it so it's late lol)
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