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After news broke regarding his relationship with f(x)s Krystal, EXOs Kai has been caught in the middle of several different controversies. And while many Korean fans have turned their backs on the SM Entertainment singer following his dating news, it appears that they arent the only ones who are no longer fans of Kai. In fact, many Japanese fans have shared the same sentiment regarding Kai, with many publicly denouncing their fandom and defacing photos of the singer. Credit to Koreaboo
This is just plain awful. Want my opinion? This is dumb! Its like disrespectful towards a couple that are dating. So what if there dating. WHO CARES! This is just way to upsetting and I feel bad for any idols that go through dating and having their fans bail on them like that. Like seriously!! He really is something to actually date when he was stalked by reporters previously on his outing with Taemin Dispatch photos made me realize Krystal has a big head And during Vivi interview he said his ideal type is someone that resembles him and that he would confess and date that girl if she appeared. Meanwhile he was already dating. Now that I think about it the female fashion he said he loves is Krystal too. Denim and runners I dont want to go to the fan meet anymore There are so many Kai stuff on second hand sites now These were some of the comment on that post. I feel bad and sorry for Kai.
@VatcheeAfandi99 it's awful. But us fans in the States and anywhere else that support him need to show that we are still here for him.
What the hell. No no no they took it too far TOO FAR what's wrong with their relationship I do not understand. like they're literally controlling his life which they have NO RIGHT with that. this is unbelievable
@selfishmachines yes they didn't have to do that to kai now watch when they break up everyone is gonna be like oh kai Oppa and run back to him this is just so sad and I love kai to at least there are still few who support him thank you @selfishmachines @EmilyPeacock @Defy24601 @Maelyn
Well, this is similar to like if you did something bad that your supposed friends didn't agree with, and they leave you for it. It just goes to show that the fans that left him, didn't really care for him at all. It's not their life Kai is screwing up. So, who cares if Kai is dating or was caught smoking a cigarette? It's his life, and he should live it however he wants. The fans that stayed by his side regardless, cudos to you guys because your actually showing that even though he does this stuff, you still care about him regardless. I just happen to be the small percent of his fanbase that doesn't give a crap about what he does. Unless it's actually a danger to his life and well being, I will worry. Other then that, he can do what the hell ever he wants, because I will support him all throughout his career X3
They want to live a normal life. They should let them. I hope this doesn't bring him down. So what if he dates Krystal, he's still the sexy but cute Kim Jongin aka Kai. Please try and accept this, we aren't his parents. Let him love. Let him live a kind of normal life at least. If they were truly EXO-Ls they would support them and love them no matter what. He's growing up. Please support.👌🏽👍🏽
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