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These were created with Instagram in mind.

Is this the coolest food trend right now? Absolutely.
Kala Toast of Hong Kong has debuted these glorious rainbow colored grilled cheeses. You have probably already obsessed over the rainbow bagels that are the all the rave in New York City but Hong Kong is taking these grilled cheeses to a whole new level. Unlike the rainbow bagels, the colored cheese in this magical new food creation have a variety of flavors. According to hkfoodblogger, you're going to taste a lot more than traditional American cheese. The flavors are listed below:
Blue: Lavender
Green: Basil
Red: Tomato
Yellow: Mozzarella & Cheddar
Though grilled cheese may be trendy now, where is the future of rainbow colored foods? Is it in donuts? Pizza? Spaghetti? The concept of rainbow colored food isn't too new...just think back to the early 00's when Heinz debuted blue and green ketchup because red ketchup just wasn't cool enough. However back then there was no such thing as Instagram. As our world becomes more focused through social media, I'm sure we'll see more of our favorite foods rainbow infused. I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Just an FYI... I've had these bagels in New York City before from The Bagel Store and they taste very lemony.

nice, love the rainbow colors though, didn't even know that there were different color Cheese Sandwiches though but now I know
I had no idea that lavender was even the name of a type of cheese until I learned about this grilled cheese lol.
I live in Shenzhen right next to HK. I go every 30 days and Im definitely going to visit this place.
so colorful!!!!
oh shoot i would totally eat that
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