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hey its Seojin

now some people think Koreans are nice from kpop. buf in reality Koreans can be jerks too.
its not really sad but some people think we are all nice. lol I find it funny that some think that. for me I'm nice enough to explain.
sometimes some people find me rude but I'm not well not all the time
also some people hate on girl groups for sexy things but not the guys FYI all kpop does the same styles not kpop related but I wanted to clarified this
@obiterdictum smh yeah why do you think some Korean fans hate international fans for
@prettygirl30 I can relate that. ^^
I've heard about that before. And thank you for clarifying this. (: I do feel bad to the girls group sometimes. International fans also tend to call them names (based on what I found on youtube comments) for being sexy or too cute but not the boy groups for their hip thrusts. lol.
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