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Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton already has interviewed with several teams about their head-coaching vacancies, including the Knicks and Nets, according to multiple NBA sources.
Does this move make sense for everyone?
I think Luke could work, barring Phil Jackson taking a step back in regards to playing style decisions.
Phil insists that the Knicks play the Triangle offense. He saw a lot of success with it, but does that mean it will work with the players he has assembled for this team? At this point, the answer is no.
That doesn't mean the Knicks can't get better, but that they Knicks may have to play a different style in order to get the most out of this lineup. The reason Phil wants Rambis so much is because he's willing to do things his way. If Phil wants this team to grow, he will need to let the reigns go and let Walton coach.
At this point in time, I'm not sure that will happen.
Is Luke Walton the right choice as the next head coach of the knicks?
Also I read an interview earlier about his father saying he would be crazy to leave the Warriors right now
Luke Walkton - Phil Jackson combination? That's just asking for trouble. They won't get along.