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This past week, we celebrated former MLB great Jackie Robinson.
Robinson opened the door for players of all races to play in the MLB. Pittsburgh Pirates manager Clint Hurdle believes another barrier will soon be broken in America's pastime.
Coach Hurdle thinks that the next big step is the addition of women to Major League Baseball.
"I still believe firmly there is going to be a day where there is a female player in the big leagues. I got that. Where it goes, I don't know. I don't believe I'll be in the dugout to see it," said coach Hurdle.
His thought process isn't too far off. It wasn't too long ago when Mo'Ne Davis dominated the Little League World Series. Sarah Hudek, who pitched for the U.S. in the Pan Am Games last summer, earned her first win as a reliever in college baseball two months ago.

Do you see an increase in the amount of women involved in the MLB in the next decade?

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Oh wow never knew that @shannonl5 And she freakin struck out Babe Ruth. What a G!
@tessstevens I look forward to the day that women break into baseball, exciting times ahead!
@duckthefodgers yeah I agree. A woman will come along with the talent in due time
@shannonl5 wow I didn't know that fact, I may have to do a card on that one!
@davidgom yeah there may be some minor things that may require new accommodations, but if the talent is there they will make the adjustments with a smile on their face