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I've been dared! I gotta share a scene I love from a Marvel movie! I haven't been keeping up with the newest ones, I've been spending so much time on anime and with how many movies Marvel is pumping out I'm just waiting till they slow down and make sure they do em right. But I picked a scene from the Avengers*first one, only one I've seen lol* that gets me everytime it's funny and super epic at the same time! " that's my secret captain, I'm always angry" yahs!!! and " I don't see how that's a party" ah hahahahaha. I don't know how to post links it won't let me so I guess you'll have to click it and go watch it on YouTube I'm sorry I suck :( if anyone can tell me how to do it that'd be awesome..I tried to share to Vingle from YouTube and it brings up the link page but it won't let me post it on the card. i tried copying and pasting the link from you tube on the card from the link menu, and all I could do is post the url not the video itself.
um I'm not sure who is down for a tag on this so just tagging some anime/video game buddies. it's a dare yall suck it up lol @MoisEsGaray @InVinsybll @paulisadroid @gabbycalzada and @tylor619cruz
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yep, and it brought it up, but then wouldn't let me click add as the final step. Maybe I have to find the link first, then make a new card after?
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no it should work the way you're doing it, sounds like 馃 weird
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Yeah I'll keep at it try different ways for other cards the marvel Dare with have to stay as is lol
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馃槳 time to go to google to search pictures
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@SAMURXAI that's a weird bug :( but you picked an awesome scene!
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