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what comes up -_-

What I was actually searching for !

since he has been using them at every practice now! I had to make an appreciation card ,First of I've always seen JB as our amazing leader and since Got7 has 7!! amazing guys in it and I'm extremely biased to two or three of them I left JB just be J.B our leader.... however! I love guys with glasses!
It's nothing new! I know! but omg he looks great!
Perfect @_@
i almost threw my phone at the wall when I saw Justin Bieber....But JB brought me back to my calm self lol
@SusiBosshammer !!! thats my actual search picture! how you think I feel lol it was horrible!
JB with glasses is life, 馃槏 especially in that new dance practice killed me
@SatinSkies me too! I made one on p.o yestersday
This card will be the death of me. I'm such a sucker for a cute guy in glasses.
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