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I wish I knew people around my area who enjoy KPop music as much as I do. Like it would be so much fun to get together maybe like during the weekend and just have fun learning the dances. Then maybe when we get better we can make videos for YouTube or even for the ones who want to become idols the practicing will help us to be confident about auditions.
Plus for me dancing is like such a big stress reliever away from home problems and work. It would be fun to have a KPop dance group near where I live. Maybe there is and they're just hiding from me lol.
This is how I picture the practices will go....
But~ this will probably be the reality...which is still fun lol
LOL but if I did join or create a Kpop dance group these are some of the dances that I would like to learn.

EXO 으르렁~~~~



VIXX 대.다.나.다.너

NCT U 일곱 번째 감각


VIXX 이별공식

BTS Beautiful

AND~~~~~ many more lol
Questions for you guys are....
Is there a dance that you really want to/are/have learned?
If you had the chance to dance with one group who would you choose?
Would you audition to be in the KPop industry?
Personally I would even if I know I may fail. I just think being on stage performing is, honestly, breath taking I mean how lucky you'd be to live your dream.

Please enjoy a wonderful clip of our Namjoon dancing

SMH poor Namjoon still love you 💗😂
my best friend and I have been teaching ourselves Stellar - Marionette, Girls Day - Something and Hellovenus - Wiggle Wiggle haha we thought girl dances would be easier to start with...I think we picked the wrong ones 😂
I think my favourite is just the serious face Joonie has as he is dancing the seaweed dance.....So intent and sure of himself. 😋😂😂 I've been working on Uniq's Eieo... .yeah very uh inappropriate dancing that is heehee
that would honestly be so much fun!!! I would love to do a dance for up with but we probably live wayyyyyy too far away
I have a whole playlist of kpop songs I want to learn. A couple of cousins and I have been getting together to practice songs, but with me in college and the fields in high school still, it's been tough finding time to meet. We always have a blast when we do meet though.