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EXO Chen & Xiumin Is Joining a New Variety Show 'Traveling Without Managers' !

XiumChen so cute!♡♡

EXO Chen & Xiumin Is Joining a New variety show 'Traveling Without Managers' ! :D On April 18th, SM Entertainment stated: "Currently Xiumin and Chen are in filming for their new web variety show 'Traveling Without Managers'. Just like the title, the concept of the show is for the two to go traveling without managers." 'Traveling Without Managers' is a collaboration between SM Entertainment and Korean Tourism Organization. This is to be scheduled to air in May! :) (Credit to Allkpop)
Omg I can't wait to watch this!!!!!!! XD I'm excited!! This should be good :) If you think about it, this variety show will be interesting because they are going to be doing a lot of unique and fun things without their mangers telling them what to do lol what are your thoughts on this? *Kpopint does not own any of these photos.

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These two are my favourites I can't wait to watch it!
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I saw clips of it on FB. Like they were talking to the camera asking the fans what they should do, then laughed realising they we couldn't answer XD
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can't wait!
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