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This would pretty much be me because every time I tried to play with a rubix cube, I did a horrible HORRIBLE job trying to solve the puzzle. I feel like rubix cubes are one of those things where you can either solve them super fast or you can't do them at all.

Do you know anyone who's finished one before?

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@SarahRegulski I wonder if they're cheap to buy.
@danidee I would think they would be cheap but I am not certain. I will have to look and buy one so I can try it out lol.
my cousin has always been good at the rubix cube and yeah they are pretty cheap cause its such a common toy at like toys r us @danidee
I can finish the first two layers...then I have a breakdown and leave it there for someone else to deal with...
my friend in Canada is AMAZING with these things... I usually play around with them when they're new, thinking oh, I will fix it when I'm done... and then end up forgetting how....馃槀