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WTF LoL 😂😂😂
Lol When I first Saw This I Was Laughing So Hard
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but he could have a choice between the last name of Minato sorry can't remember or what he uses the last name of the Uzumaki clan
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"Remove this person from our prseence!!" said every Otaku fan around the world XD
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true! Minato last name wasn't Uzumaki. that was Kushina 'so last name. So if naruto had his dad last name, he would be Naruto Namikaze!! * weird* XD
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lol i think before i ever watched naruto i also though that XD after that i felt really stupid i was like so its Uzumaki!!
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well actually it depends which last name they took when they got married like it's traditional for the man's last name to be used but it's also not uncommon for the women's surname to be used
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