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“Let me go first,” Yijeong states as he pushes you behind him.
“I don’t know how drunk he is.”
“You think he’d hurt me?”
He turns and just stares at you,
“You really are naïve aren’t you?”
As he turns to head inside you grab his arm,
“I’m not naïve! I’ve taken care of drunk friends before.”
He grabs a hold of your arms,
“What happened the last time he was alone with you and only half drunk?”
Realization dawns and you simply nod, “Okay.”
“Okay. If he’s only half drunk we’ll get him full on drunk and just carry him out.”
He stares at you for a moment and bursts out in laughter.
“Wow, alright than.”
You stay a few steps behind him; out of what you hope is Kyungil’s sight.
Kyungil just flips him off. He tries again, grabbing him by the arm.
“Hyung, come on, let’s get you home.
He shrugs out of his grasp,
“Home is the last place I want to be. Just let me be – go be a good maknae, scurry back to the dorms.”
You move to step forward but Yijeong stops you with a shake of his head.
“Hyung, no girl’s worth this. Isn’t that what you told me?”
Kyungil throws back another shot and turns in his seat to face Yijeong fully. You quickly step out of sight into the restroom entrance.
“Your almighty hyung has fallen.”
His laugh is something you’ve only ever heard described, almost maniacal. He taps Yijeong on the chest,
“Learn from me. They sneak up on you when you least expect it. One day you’ll be going along and then ..BAM!”
You jump as his fist hits the counter, sneaking a peek you see him ordering another drink.
As he downs the next drink, the bartender motions to Yijeong;
“You here to claim him? He’s had his limit; if you need any help let me know.”
Hearing the bartender you step forward to help. Your movement catches Kyungil's eye and he sways in your direction. His hand reaches out and fists Yijeong by the shirt front, “What the hell maknae?!?!”
He lets go of him as he stands up; as you reach out to move Yijeong out of the way he snarls and grabs him by the hair.
“You had to rub it in didn’t you? Bring her here to show me that you won? I thought we were brothers!”
You desperately signal the bartender who immediately comes over.
“Hey buddy. Let’s let go of your friend now okay? He’s just here to help you get home safely.”
Kyungil releases him, turns to put money on the counter and mutter,
“What the hell do you know?”
The two of you let him stumble out to the street where you each quickly grab an arm. He tries to shake you both off,
“I’m fine! Let go of me!”
You put his arm around your shoulder, taking a tighter grip on his arm.
“First you want your hands all over me, now you won’t even put your arm around me? Dude, fickle much? Make up your mind!”
He starts to laugh like that was the funniest thing he’s ever heard. He turns towards Yijeong,
“She’s so damn feisty! God, do you know what a turn on that is?”
“Right here! I can totally hear you.”
He continues on like he heard nothing.
“Did you know she’s OCD too? All her little pens and pencils have to be lined up just right in the drawer.”
He giggles, “Makes me wonder what else she’s so specific about you know?”
He’s waggling his eyebrows in Yijeong's face.
You turn to Yijeong, “Can’t you shut him up?”
Yijeong looks over at you from across his chest,
“Actually, I don’t see this side of him often. I’m rather enjoying it.”
You glare over at him and he just grins back.
“Secrets, secrets. What else does he know about you?”
Once you have him in the taxi he starts up again.
“Did you see her in Jak’s dress the other night?”
He whistles, “Damn. I just wanted to take it right off her you know bro? I mean; all those cute little outfits with all her scarves and her blue jeans! Have you seen her in her blue jeans? Wait, you’ve been looking at her that way? I should smack you..”
You’ve had enough. It’s obvious now that Moonie was right, more obvious that this man has you figured out. However, you would like some of your secrets to remain just that. You reach over and shut him up the only way you know how, mouth to mouth.
After a minute he sighs and totally takes over. His tongue is demanding entrance and drunk or not, you have no resistance to him. At Yijeong’s cough you pull back. Kyungil’s head falls back onto the back of the seat; his eyes closed, a big grin spread across his face.
“Wow,” Yijeong fans himself.
“If I get drunk can you shut me up that way?”
You glare across the seat at him, “Shut it Maknae.”
Well that's one way to shut him up. Great way to keep a hot mess like that from talking to much at the wrong time. Talk at home so we can maybe get through this, I'll just... distract him until then.
His tongue is loosened oh boy! lol And Moonie calls it!! Good job 'shutting' him up! 😁
these guys. smh... ahh drunk Kyungil, gosh he is such a cry baby and talks too much... he's an alcoholic... always running to it... HM.. calls me a run away, he's runs somewhere too... why doesn't he understands his drastic actions have consequences, assuming I'm with other guys, and many at that. of course that would make a person change their number and not tell you. he has annoying issues