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The world only god knows
The world only god knows is so good the first two seasons are ok somewhat slow given that its labeled as a harem but its more of a romance sorta in the beginning the third season is more harem but there isnt that much fanservice and as a certified pervert im honestly ok with that because the anime is that god it honestly made me bust all nighter a I wasnt like this until i wanted to catch up to one piece when I had just gotten out of the CP9 arc and it was at Dressrosa you can guess how that went but yeah guys this is a really good anime its dramatic at times but so good give it a watch I ersonally would reccomended it and have a good day fellow Otakus :)
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I just finished this, I give it 14 manga/15 manga 😊 really good
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Im bearly reading it but I really liked the anime and its good just a bit odd going from anime to manga since the manga drawings are ok but stirys good
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