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A live broadcast is now showing on V.
so, I was watching Laboum on asc through the v app. I wanted to get into more girl groups and all. I'm enjoying their cuteness and the comments are just flashing by on the screen. then, some comments started to catch my eye. the reason they caught my eye were cause they were bts related comments like "bts performance please" or "yoonmin forever". I'm surprised there were any about the Jimin that hosts the Damn show tbh, though hers were like "Jimin is just wearing an oversized sweater". so, needless to say, I started getting annoyed. something that made it worse... someone commented "why are bts fans so annoying?"... bitch what? don't lump all of us together, like hell naw. it's not all army that does it, just like it's not JUST people in army. I could see if someone voiced how they were sad that Eric isn't there anymore, but don't sit there and disrespect a group like that when they haven't done shit to you. if you go there, let it be to watch or admire them, not crush their self-esteem. have a little dignity and self control. wanna blow up the comments bout bts? GO CLICK ON A DAMN BTS VIDEO!!!! HAVE SOME FUCKING HOME TRAINING! GET SOME DAMN MANNERS, YOU NEED EM! And, to the ones that decide to clump all of a fandom together with the rotten apples of the bunch. don't, this isn't FUCKING one size fits all and I rather not have to deal with people thinking poorly for the idols cause of the shit these assholes do. and I sure as hell don't feel like getting into an argument with someone for them saying some dumb shit bout how all army's are so bad and all that shit. that's like saying, just cause you're in that fandom then you're inconsiderate and totally mean. like, no boo boo, shit don't work like that.
@KeziahWright @CreeTheOtaku so, we can all agree that these people need to stfu and get off the damn internet?
yeahup bts has gotten so popular over the year i mean i have no issue with them doing so but i think alot off fans need to chill like please BTS is not that big of a deal like really there not gods of the earth and universe clam down and calm
@KeziahWright in other words, "They are not the greatest thing since sliced bread so calm your tits and sit the fuck down?"
@CrystalBlunt like that one time when I watch a jre reaction to sing for you by exo and I see spams of Whalien 52 comments and one exo-l saying that ARMYs are so damn annoying. but I'm over here in the two fandoms like..."Can I watch the reaction in peace?"
@CreeTheOtaku I'm tired of a lot of the comments too but I'm also tired of people acting like it's all of army and only them. I admit, it's probably mostly people that call them self army (though they are just assholes that bring army a bad name). I honestly bet my first born child that it's mostly children around the same age as the ones I see writing bts Smuts. the ones who need to go back and drink their milk and take a damn nap. it really pisses me off when they think they can disrespect other groups and people all cause they really like one group. like child, hop off their dick and get back to doing your homework.
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