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The Gazette! A link to the sweepstake/giveaway to the Los Angeles stop for their world tour!!! If I am able to successfully get two to enter I will have my name added for another entry!!! The Gazette are one of my faves japanese bands!!!! Would you help me Gummyz??? Use the link please!!! And pass it along to friends or family that you know love The Gazette!!!!! 안녕 Gummyz!!!! Edit: Remember I think only two or max three could use my referral link!!!
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OMG I love The Gazette!!!!
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OMG I just had a heart attack!!
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@merryjayne13 @AimeeH I know right?!? I was like yes I am going to enter just for the sake of entering!!!!
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@ARMYStarlight I did too!! ♡
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