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From Japan to now Ecuador, countries around the Pacific Rim have been shaken this weekend by numerous earth quakes.
In Japan, while the destruction has been horrible, they at least have infrastructure and experience to help those in need during a tragedy like this. In Ecuador, however, the buildings were not built to withstand such force and as a result the earthquake's damage is immense.
The death toll rose to at least 413 on Monday with more than 2,000 injured.

Here are two ways that you can help right now!

1. Provide Clean Water

According to a press release, Unicef has already delivered 20,000 water purification tablets to Pedernales, the coastal city worst affected by the earthquake.
Unicef needs around $1 million to meet immediate needs, and to continue to provide water and sanitation supplies to those in need.
You can donate to Unicef鈥檚 efforts to provide children with safe water here.

2. Fund Emotional and Physical Support

The Ecuadorian Red Cross is prepared to help those who have been emotionally disturbed by the death and destruction they've seen. Along with mental help, they will be helping with physical aide.
You can donate to their work here.
For more resources, check out Huffington Post's list here!
For resources on how to help in Japan, see here!
If you cannot donate, at least keep these people in your thoughts during this time. Positivity goes a long way!
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wow I just heard about this, I've been worried about my sisters in Houston lately 馃槬
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@buddyesd I heard about the flooding yesterday! Hope she's doing alright :(
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@sophiamor I think they both talked to my mom already so I think they ok
2 years agoReply
@buddyesd :/ sending positive thoughts your way!
2 years agoReply
@sophiamor thank you I just heard from them and they are ok 馃槉
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