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My boyfriend and I don't text constantly, but if we weren't allowed to text at all for a month that would be preeeetty hard.

In the video below, three couples refrain from texting for a month and the results are really different.

One couple just straight up failed (lol) while another one just sort of dealt with it and didn't really see a huge change in their relationship. The third couple though found that it really improved how they communicated and they found that it made them stronger as a couple!

Some winning quotes:

"I just got back from a fitness class and the guy next to me fell off his treadmill at the gym. It was hilarious. I REALLY wanted to text Steve about it."
"There is so much that I should be telling her and I'm not and I'm going to forget by the time I see her later"
"I don't know if Jolene has been fed!!!!!!!"

Could you go a month without being able to text your partner or best friend?

For me, not texting my best friend would be harder. We definitely are the type that stream-of-consciousness chat all day. What would I do without that?!
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well for me it depends on where the relationship is going. if it's just a friend that's understandable but if it's a companion that you want to share everything and every thought with then it's not going to be killing. I wonder if you feel me though,there is a stage you get to when you're in a crowd but you miss the company of one person
well... no texting but still allowed a phone call. that should be ok, unless it's a looooong distance in which i don't really see much future in a physically far - relationship. would email count as texting?
@dianes6711 @sammybarasa SAME sometimes i text my friend "i have to tell you a story later" to remind myself of what happened and then i can act it out for her hahahahha
@AaronLesseski I agree. I have family in the military and it is not easy at all. My respects to you and your family for standing for those of us who cannot
I think I would be able to go a month without texting my fiance. It would be hard but I think we could do it. I believe it would make our relationship stronger