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The official website for the Senki Zessho Symphogear G anime has started streaming a promotional trailer for the upcoming anime season. The promotional video showcases Hibiki Tachibana, Tsubasa Kazanari, and Chris Yukine fighting against Maria Cadenzavna Eve, Kirika Akatsuki, and Shirabe Tsukuyomi, who have been transformed into dark Gungnir. The first seasons episode director Nana Mizuki will replace Tatsufumi Ito as the director of the new season. The Chied animation director Satoru Fujimoto will take over the character design role from Satoshi Koike. Akifumi Kaneko will make a return to write and oversee the scripts. The series is set to premier in Japan on July 4th 2013. The trailer can be seen on our website (unable to put it up on vingle due to embedding issues.)
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so excited!