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Ah, Buzzfeed. Giving us the news we need.
They took 3 couples and had them document their progress as they have sex every single day for one month.

The couples all seemed pretty confident that they could at least finish it (they may or may not be happy about that) but just 3 days in they all realized they were in for trouble.

Day 1 - Everyone thought this challenge was going to be easy.

Day 7 - "We are sick of boning"

Day 15 - "You took the thing that I love most in this world and made it a chore."

Day 21 - It's a scheduling nightmare, its stale" but one couple found that once they got the scheduling down, it became much more fun for them!

Day 30 - All the couple agreed it was more challenging than they thought it would be, but only one couple seemed to have really enjoyed it.


Yes, sex is great for a relationship once both partners feel they are ready for it. It is a form of intimacy that you can't get from other emotional or physical connections.
However, you and your partner should always set your own pace. The problem these couples had was that they felt like it was a chore since the once-a-day experiment was set for them. If they had been able to decide their own pace, I feel like this would have worked out much better for them.
I hope that all three couples gained something positive from the experience and that they are never forced to do this again ;)

Does this sound like torture or fun to you?!

All i can say is WOW and i think id love
I...I don't know 馃槀 uhh idk what i should say. Challenge accepted?
Hahaha my girlfriend and I both agree that this would be an awesome experiment for us to try.
Sounds like a lil of both. if you could keep it mixed up with trying different positions it may actually be a good time.
@lisamarissa like seriously it's fun for the first 3 days.i'm a guy n I'll tell you I can't sex every day for even a be came boring.
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