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Another cute something

so I just wanted to post so more cute pictures x3 I have been in a giggly and happy mood lately and no not going to tell you why so xP
E wojy sadk uai swez xybaly xis E qedd nyyh syddefr uai xypoizy uai oly swos ethalsofs sa ty. E dajy uai za tipw swos uai oly swy afy hylzaf E qaidk qeddefrdu hoizy o jekya roty bal... Opsioddu E wojy odlyoku mizs sa sodn sa uai ^////^
@SAMURXAI you may not have much according to yourself but when the right person comes along it will be more than enough @JessicaFerrier yay I am glad this is making peoples hearts smile @JosiahQuick yeah I know how that goes.... just don't lose hope one day you will find the person who won't waste it
@JosiahQuick you and I share kinship in unconditional love and having one who threw it away. @LoveGaara thank you for saying that, you speak true
I thought I had all of this once then she basically threw it away after I gave her my every thing so now I wait and I don't this unconditional love I have can be a curse or a blessing when it's accepted it's amazing but when we have it and you betray it and through it in my gave my heart breaks
aww these are so cute, they make me smile 😊
I love the whisper one!
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