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From I Hear Your Voice Ep8 Park Soo Ha and Hye Sung just killed my heart T___T why is is that their first kiss must be so sad Soo Ha yah, please don't do anything stupid...
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@winterlovesong they didn't fix the ADSL nooooooooooo :'( I'm miserable I'm stuck with a super slow USB connexion aiiiiiish!!!!! but with a lot of fighting I could Watch 15mn from episode 7 and 14mn from episode 8, so I could know that the mom is dead and lawyer Cha is representing the killer grrrrr, I also saw the clip you published about the end of episode 8 it was heartbreaking and seemed like an end bouahahahaha :''( so sad. By the way I come from Algeria in north Africa, there are few months since I discovered Kdrama now I'm kind of addicted lol. I discovered This drama IHYV when I was watching All about my romance with lee ming jong I loved it from the teaser, then I saw your publication and I remembered it, I really love it and also the OST" wae ijeya watni"
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love this scene, heartbreaking.
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love both of them.they have chemistry.
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They are BOTH ADULTS=I want them to be in LOVE. His love for Jang is pure, committed, loyal, gives it's all, patient, unselfish and knows the TEST of time. That Kiss= was total giving of himself and the proof that words do not exist,to eloquently express, explain, or could eloquently convey his deep feelings. In this kiss he gave his all. I hope the directors and writers HAVE THE GUTS to fully develop their relationship= it would become a very UNFORGETTABLE TOP DRAMA!!! the age difference may be a taboo for the Korean culture, but in today's 21st century, it is a reality! Love is eternal and ageless and can surpass, dimensions, realities, time and times! ;) Make the viewers happy and give us the WOW factor. Dazzle us!!!!!!!!!!
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Lee Bo Young had just the same right eye teary kiss from Jo Jin Moo in The Queen of the game....Great actress....Great drama(s)...
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