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It's About That Time Of Year.

My favorite thing about having lived in both the Northeast and Southern California is just how drastically different my friends on either coast talk about the weather.
New Jersey friends will be like, "The weather's so great today! It's 65 degrees!" Meanwhile, in California, my friends are all like "It's supposed to be 65 degrees today. Should I grab a cardigan?"

What does 60 - 65 degrees feel like in YOUR region?

absolute heaven. (Iowa born and raised)
I'm from SoCal myself and have been in CT for almost a year. Safe to say I've become acclimated to the cold. 70 is pretty warm now
like hell, but I live in FL so that's already hell lol
It's boiling at even just 70 in the northwest
I live in Dallas and half are still wearing flip flops and shorts while the other half are wearing jackets and sweatpants.
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