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One man walks us through what it's really like to change your last name when you get married and now I'm thinking twice about it!

My mom actually hyphenated her last name to keep her maiden name and now she'd love to just go by my dad's last name (really short, really common, really easy) but she doesn't want to go through the hassle all over again.
Some cultures don't do the whole name-change thing and I think they've got it right ;)

This is Matthew. He got married a few months ago.

He went through the process to change his last name starting with going to the DMV aaaand Social Security in person.

Afterwards he had to call every company that sends him a bill (electric, cable, etc) AND get all his debit/credit cards changed to the correct name to match his new license.

If you travel during this process (which can take quite a while) you need to have two forms of ID on you in case people don't accept your old or new one.

He also had to carry around a copy of his marriage license in case he needed to use a credit card or access an account that hadn鈥檛 been updated!

You have to pay $$$$$$$!!!

$27 fee at the DMV, $16 for a new passport photo, then $110 for the passport. All in all, the new name cost Matthew $153.

Now that the ordeal is over (and his coworkers are sloooowly remembering his new name) he's actually really happy with his decision.

"It鈥檚 been stressful and complicated, yes, but I definitely don鈥檛 regret the decision to change my name. I do, however, wish I鈥檇 been a little more informed before my wedding day, but you know what they say: Hindsight is always 20/20!"

Are you planning on changing your last name or have you already?

Or, do you expect your partner too or will you be okay with two separate last names?

only if I can change it to my name would be Justin Time
I changed my name when I was adopted, I'm not planning it again. Also, my name is super cute(Lili Rose), I'm not about to give that up.
never gonna change my name. he can deal.
my significant other would have to have an amazing last name for me to change it. I'm Hispanic so I'm all for having both though
I'll definitely be changing my last name! ^.^ Always knew I was going to since I was young and never grew an attachment to my last name.
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