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My Giants are still playing in extra innings...

but let me just talk about the Warriors for a sec!

Now we are 2-0 against the Houston Rockets and looks like we can get that sweep to move onto the next round. The Rockets seem like they just can't get their shit together (especially Howard...and he was fouled out today haha).
This game worried me a bit because Curry was out, but then again, this team wasn't just a one-man team. It was a real team. And Klay really stepped his game up to bring home the victory.
Let's get two more wins boys at Houston. This is no longer a road to 73.

It's a road to the 2016 NBA Championship!

You think they are going to get the sweep? I know they did well without Curry in Game 2 but looks like Curry is questionable for Game 3 as well.
For sure the Giants just need to turn this one around haha