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Is this a thing???

It's April now and apparently this "season" is over...

So what is it anyway?

"A time period [October to March] when guys get girlfriends that they have no intention of keeping once the weather gets warm."
It is a time when relationships for because...its too cold to go outside and find people to hook up with???


According to YouTube (the source of all fact checking) this is a legitimate thing.

It seems like its mainly a college bro thing though and considering I grew up in San Diego where the temperature is the same all year round, maybe I just missed hearing about this?

Has anyone else heard of this?

Takeaway quote:

"We want someone to hibernate with even if we hate them." this really a thing that exists!?

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I dont look at it like this and i dont even know what the hell cuffing season is and im a guy because if im in a relationship with a girl im not just gonna drop her on her ass imma keep her until she dont want me no more and in that time i would do my very best to please her even if i dont have money imma do something either make her laugh smile and or just love her for who she is period and give her the love she needs and wants
dude we need more guys like u @bradleybirmele
lol ^ we all need better people in the world, stop trying to be the celebrities and just be a good person
Eric Bellinger has an album called 'Cuffing Season'. You might wanna check it out.