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Is this a thing???

It's April now and apparently this "season" is over...

So what is it anyway?

"A time period [October to March] when guys get girlfriends that they have no intention of keeping once the weather gets warm."
It is a time when relationships for because...its too cold to go outside and find people to hook up with???


According to YouTube (the source of all fact checking) this is a legitimate thing.

It seems like its mainly a college bro thing though and considering I grew up in San Diego where the temperature is the same all year round, maybe I just missed hearing about this?

Has anyone else heard of this?

Takeaway quote:

"We want someone to hibernate with even if we hate them." this really a thing that exists!?

@MatthewGoh lol thats how i feel about san diego :D
Jeez, i don't understand how guys can do this. I can't even get a date and this is pretty sick
no I have never heard of this and I think it's quite crazy that people actually do this to their companion in love . I never would
Lucky us it's always warm in Singapore
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