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The Balms Away Makeup Break-up eye makeup remover is an eye makeup remover I've been wanting to try since I switched to cruelty free makeup (my currently makeup remover is not cruelty free, haha)! I've heard good reviews - that it removes makeup as well as Vaseline but isn't as dangerous or sticky for your eyes or anything like that.
I just got it, so here's a quick review of how I like it after just one try~

The packaging is really cute, both the box and the tin!

Here's what the inside looks like - just a clear, thick Vaseline-like paste! You're just supposed to take a dollop of it, and then rub it in circular motions on your eye for 30 seconds before wiping with a soft tissue.
The first image here is where my makeup is all totally removed, the second has just one eye removed! I didn't have any really soft tissues, so my eyes are a bit red because my tissue wasn't very soft. Still, I was amazed at how well it worked!
The makeup came off really easily without having to rub too hard or anything, and after rinsing my face there wasn't any greasy residue left behind! This will definitely be great on days I wear more makeup (I wasn't wearing much when I took these), but yeah!

I'm loving it so far :D

@MyAffairWith Yeah! I still use a cloth first, but I dont want to wipe very hard with it so I wipe & then wash!
@MyAffairWith yes!!!! it got it all for me. I found its best to rub it all for fora while then wipe with a soft or damp washcloth right before washing your face. it breaks up everything but sometimes wiping with the cloth wasn't enough to then take off all the broken up makeup so washing right away works perfectly!
This sounds good. I may try this out. I do wear a lot of eye makeup. Would it remove eye liner, masacara everything? Also would it remove waterproof makeup as well?
@hikaymm I see. I sometimes use wipes and wipe gently wipe my makeup off as well. I'll look into this balm though and see what I think of it.
@hikaymm so in the end washing it off is the best then right? It's what I do now instead of using a cloth. I use an oil based cleanser to take off all my makeup.