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I mentioned that I was in the hospital recently and just wanted to share how sweet the whole process was thanks to my boyfriend.
I had to get my first surgery ever and my only other experience with partial anesthesia was horrific. The dentist didn't give me enough so I was awake for the entire procedure (my wisdom teeth) So needless to say I was PETRIFIED to be completely out.
Luckily for me, my boyfriend took a half day of work to make sure he was there when I woke up (technically he was going to be there before I went in too but the doctor changed the schedule last minute and took me in early).
I had mentioned in passing that all I wanted when I woke up was a tangerine to snack on until we could go get some simple pasta. He's not really the kind of person who remembers things like that though so I was prepared to have to ask him again later.
So imagine my surprise when I get wheeled into my room to find him standing there with a bag of tangerines, bananas, orange juice, my favorite kind of green tea, and a fresh box of pasta for us to go home and cook.
I live pretty far from my family so having him there for me during the whole process really made me feel calm and the fact that he remembered my little request just made it that much better!

Have you ever experienced a tiny act of kindness that made your day?

awe I remember well of course I remember it happened yesturday and I just have to get this out instead of bottle it up but okay my partner shane in my dim class found out I had a crush on this Korean guy named brandon because he's just so sweet to me all the time and the way he found out was brandon was holding a palm tree (I always manage to call it a pineapple for some reason) and it was a nice palm tree so I told shane it was he said it is a nice palm tree then I said brandon got a hair cut too and he's like yeahhhhh uh wait wait I got the hint, I was confused so I said what hint, he said you like brandon and I was like whattttttttt?!?!?! Nooooo!!! he's like you really do don't you and I rolled away literally cuz well I was on a rolley chair, he's like I'm going to tell him and he got up and I threatened to throw my phone at the back of his head and he went up there and I don't know what he said but he gave me a thumbs up and I don't know what that means it could mean anything like he likes me back, he told him I liked him, or he asked him if he liked me back, so I have to ask him today cuz he just walked out of class after and I storm walked out pushing everything in my path to avoid brandon, can't ignore him now I see him 1 time before my dim class with him, great but I hope he likes me back and he isn't so shy to ask me out or anything I just might thank shane in the future for this cuz I liked brandon since September that's like 7 months now
@kpopandkimchi I don't think so, he's getting married soon and they're having a baby, he's just like my older brother to me and I'm like a little sister to him.
@Dabaesaplayer honestly it sounds like shane might have a little crush on you too :3 (i just woke up from a nap so forgive me if i totally read your story wrong but yeah shane sounds a little in love too ahhaha