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They sure are one big happy family!!! They are stuck together like glue~ ♡
First~ Daddy Namjoon ♡
Second~ The oh so fabu Momma Jin ♡
Third~ The Swag God Grandpa Yoongi ♡
Fourth~ The 100% fabu Grandma/2nd Momma Hoseok ♡
Fifth~ The abnormal adorable child Taehyung ♡
Sixth~ The child that is always in the mirror Park Jiminie. Why? Because he is handsome and have the charms ♡
Last but not least~ Adorable Baby Kookie ♡
Who are you in this lovely family~? ♥
I will always see myself as the grandpa in the family. I like sleeping, I have swag, to lazy to do anything but watch movies or listen to music....Like sleeping, but always up all night! Also, I'm kind of a daddy, but also the baby. (Meaning I act more like Jungkook, but I'm more like the grandpa than anything)
Jin momma. I have always been the mom within my group of friends.
@LucianoVargas2p Yeah I thought so too ^^
@AngelaDarkness That's a good description of them ^^
I have always seen J-Hope as the older sister, V the older brother, and Jimin as the middle child. But maybe that's just me