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Bungo Stray Dogs caught my eye a while back as super appealing visually and even the basic plot sounded cool, so I'm finally gonna watch it!

Thoughts Before Starting Bungo Stray Dogs:

I'm expecting this to just be really, really funny and also visually appealing - I love the character designs so much, so I'm pretty sure I'll end up loving the characters, too.

Anime Details:

Title: Bungo Stray Dogs
Japanese Title: 文豪ストレイドッグス
Episodes: 12
Airing Spring 2016

Initial Impressions:

WOW. I love this show!!! I wasn't expecting most of the developments that were brought up, but it was really enjoyable to watch! The characters are delightful, the premise of the show (with the supernatural powers) is interesting, and the fashion is GREAT!
The show is SO comedic - more than I expected, but that made the mystery & the supernatural aspects of the show feel more balanced & interesting, in my opinion.
All of the characters are also inspired by real people - Dazai Osamu, Kunikida Doppo
Nakajima Atsushi, Yosano Akiko, Edogawa Ranpo, Miyazawa Kenji, which is cool, too!
There are so many enjoyable character quirks that exist with each character - Doppo's fountain pens braking, Dazai's suicidal tactics, and I'm sure there will be a lot more!
I'm just a total sucker for these eccentric dudes with supernatural powers, I guess!

Overall Episode Impressions:

Visuals: 10
Animation: 8
Sound design: 8
Storyboard: 8
World/setting: 10
Character designs: 10
OP + ED: 9
Entertainment: 10
Voice acting: 10

Am I Going to Continue?

YES!! I loved this!

Let me know if you want to be tagged in future cards about this show ^-^

Also, found this in the ED: Since real live Dazai was all about double suicides, I wonder if it means anything...but Atsushi doesn't seem suicidal at all sooo XD
I'll have to watch it o:
I love how he tried to commit suicide in the first episode 😂
who this is a new anime?? i thought it was from like last year 😂 Dazai reminds me so much of Sherlock and the Doctor lmao
@MarvelTrashcan it's so good!!
Dazai reminds me of a Sherlock Holmes type in a way!