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I just saw the first episode and it blew my mind. The animation is some of the best I've seen ( outside of Studio Ghibli) and it has a pacing that works well for it. If I had to pick something similar I would say SNK/AoT. Personally, I think it is better. The voice actors are somewhat familiar : Ikoma is voiced by Tasaku Hatanaka ( Denki- Boku no Hero Academy, Reiji -Kuroko no Basket) Mumei is voiced by Sayaka Senbongi ( Chitose - Girlish Number(up coming anime), Yuu - Juuou Mujin no Fafnir, Yuuno - Mayoiga/Lost Village) If the next two episodes are as good as the first was, this series will own me. Episode 2 is set to air April 22 at 0:55 JST(8:55amPDT 4/21) so it will probably be available for streaming after 5pmPDT on the 21st(just an educated guess).
As the world is in the middle of an industrial revolution, a monster appears that cannot be defeated unless its heart, which is protected by a layer of iron, is pierced. By infecting humans with its bite, the monster can create aggressive and undead creatures known as Kabane. On the island Hinomoto, located in the far east, people have built stations to shelter themselves from these creatures. People access the station, as well as transport wares between them, with the help of a locomotive running on steam, called Hayajiro. Ikoma, a boy who lives in the Aragane station and helps to build Hayajiro, creates his own weapon called Tsuranukizutsu in order to defeat the creatures. One day, as he waits for an opportunity to use his weapon, he meets a girl named Mumei, who is excused from the mandatory Kabane inspection. During the night, Ikoma meets Mumei again as he sees Hayajiro going out of control. The staff on the locomotive has turned into the creatures. The station, now under attack by Kabane, is the opportunity Ikoma has been looking for.
Why are you still reading this? Go watch it already... Full Episode : Anime World BBz
@PASCUASIO. depends on how much bandwidth I have... I used to use Anime Haven &, YouTube for some of the older series. Recently I been getting it from a friend that does subs for a torent site. This one was actually a recommendation from a FB friend. My data rolls over Thurs so I may try one of the above again or give Anime World a shot... haven't used Netflix or Crunchyroll before.
where do you stream your anime on?