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Today is my birthday and I will be doing an about me card.
Hello my name is Chianne Embry, I am an Aries and just turned 20. 1) I love anime. I got into anime in middle school and one of the first anime I have seen was Naruto. It's funny because I had a friend who we basically called Naruto because how he acted, and this kept me interested in watching anime. 2) I love nekos, they are just so cute. If I were able to get any animal ears it would be a cat even though I love pandas I would rather have cat ears. 3) I love K-Pop even though I haven't been into K-Pop long. The first group I listened to was Big Bang and the first song of theirs that I listened to was "Fantastic Baby".
4) My favorite animal is the Giant Panda. Among my friends I am know as Panda, at first it was raccoon because I had bad bags under my eyes, but then I tok d them what I'm mixed with. My mom is Asian and my dad is Caucasian and African American, so I was then named Panda.
5) I love my friends and those are just two of them, we were at Nekocon, an anime convention in Hampton, VA. My friends are the best people I have met so far. 6) I am the middle child out of five, I have two older sisters and two younger brothers. I like being the middle child, its not too bad even if your brothers don't listen to you, lol. 7) I don't know why but guys with glasses are so sexy to me. They just look so hot, maybe its because I wear glasses but who knows lol. 8) I love guys with long hair as well. It just looks so sexy, but I wish that they sometimes wouldn't have longer hair than me. 9) My very first bias was T.O.P from Big Bang, I just love his style and his deep voice. The music video where I chose him as my bias was in "Zutter" by GD and T.O.P.
10) My personality is closely related to Hinata from Naruto, we are both shy and very quiet. My friends would most likely to agree with me when I say that and she is one of my favorite Naruto characters. 11) I love yaoi I don't know why but something about two guys kissing or flirting is just so dang hot. <3 12) Children cosplaying is just so adorable. I wish I could see more cosplays out there with parents and their kids.
So this is my first card I have done about me and my info, but since I turned 20 today I thought well why not. Anyway I would like to wish everyone to have an awesome day.
@OtakuDemon10 Thank you
Congratulations on defeating teen pregnancy! lol, you sound kinda like me (also middle of 5, also relate to Hinata personality-wise). Happy Birthday!